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3 min read

6 Steps for Dealers to Answer to the Call of Change

By Tony Gomez on Aug 25, 2020 11:56:14 PM

"When the pace of change in your industry exceeds that of your business, the end is near."

Find yourself desperately trying to hold on to control of the customer and the purchase experience while the world evolves all around you? Join the crowd. The traditional automobile dealer is at a crossroads. A defining moment of truth. The actions you took yesterday, today, and tomorrow, shape your future or lack thereof. 

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2 min read

Increase Customer Retention, Reduce Marketing Spend

By Chip King on Aug 19, 2020 11:12:55 AM

A great article in CBT News cites that almost half of customers who state they are loyal to the selling dealer go elsewhere to service their vehicle. Only one-third of all vehicle services are performed at automotive dealerships. And we know brand loyalty and dealership loyalty measurements are fleeting and hard to rely on.

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2 min read

The Super Simple Idea for Additional Sales Opportunities

By Chip King on Aug 4, 2020 7:56:05 PM

Happy Customers, Happy Sales Teams, Happy Dealers

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