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Ceramic Sealant: Good enough for the iPhone 12? Good enough for me.

Apple's new iPhone 12 models are protected by the much-anticipated Ceramic Shield. This is great news for all of us to improve the durability and protect our new $1200 investment. According to Apple, Ceramic Shield offers four times better drop protection! What made it so desirable? Not gold (or rose gold), but a fresh take on an old material: ceramic. 

There's obviously a reason Apple chose a ceramic-based process to protect the brand-new, highly anticipated iPhone 12. I'll assume it's because they have the best engineers in the world., and evidently, it's called Nano-ceramic. Hey, I’m not a scientist, but I feel like if I can work the word ‘Nano-ceramic’ into the conversation at a cocktail party, I’ll be on guest lists for years to come.

It's beautiful, it's tough.

Normally, this kind of nerd news triggers a quick, “Oh, that’s cool,” kind of response from me, but this announcement from the most valuable company in the solar system was music to my ears. My company, ZipDeal, partners with the best car protection product in the solar system, Ceramiseal. Yes, you heard it right, it sounds just like Apple’s Ceramic Shield...and for good reason.

It turns out, though, that the same reasons certain types of ceramics work well on your electronics would make it a natural fit for other products...you know like my Hyundai Genesis.

"It's incredibly hard and wear-resistant," says Dr. M. Grant Norton, a materials scientist at Washington State University and co-author of Ceramic Materials: Science and Engineering.

Ceramic coatings are the latest development in paint protection products (or nano-ceramic coatings). In our case, Ceramiseal. These coatings are made from materials that are far more durable than the polymers found in paint sealants and chemically bond with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a very durable and long-lasting layer of protection. This layer of protection is much thicker than any wax or sealant, creating a sacrificial layer that can absorb damage and better protect the paint underneath from chemical etching, oxidation, and UV damage. The thickness of the coating also gives it a great depth of gloss that’s hard to achieve with other products.  

ceramiseal blog image

These ceramic coatings will easily provide many years of protection when properly applied and can also be polished to improve their shine without impacting their effectiveness. 

Ceramiseal offers additional ‘aha’ moments, in addition to just helping protect your paint. It also offers hydrophobic properties, meaning that water beads off easily and dirt, bugs, and bird bombs are easier to clean off the vehicle surface. Also, ceramic coatings also do not need to be waxed. Spraying the vehicle off is enough to maintain the vehicle’s deep gloss finish and hydrophobic qualities.

Ceramiseal Coatings are great as they appeal to many types of people. From automotive enthusiasts who insist on the best quality finish for their vehicle or the everyday consumer who wants a low maintenance, one-time application that will protect their vehicle for several years. Coatings are especially cost-effective when compared to the time and money associated with frequent re-applications required by waxes and sealants.

If you're a dealer that only carries a low-end, polymer-based sealant package, be my guest. Steakhouses need a good budget-friendly chicken fried steak. Just make sure there's a Filet Mignon on the menu as well. Your customers deserve Ceramiseal as an alternative and you deserve that additional profit margin.

I felt compelled to protect your customer’s rights and your profits, even if it's Nano-my business. 

Do I want my smartphone to last? Yes. Do we want the finish on our $50,000+ SUVs to last? Heck yes!

Just like the iPhone 12, ceramic protection is the way to go. Hey, any paint sealant is better than nothing, but when it comes to my second largest investment, I want the best. When I found out that a polymer-based sealant only lasts a few months compared to a ceramic-based coating that lasts for years and years, the decision was easy. 

My car deserves this kind of love and attention. I have far exceeded my number of scientific words for the day. So I’ll leave you with this:

If ceramic is good enough for the most valuable company in the world, then it is good enough for my new whip.

Find out more about Ceramiseal at your dealership by calling me on my ceramic-protected iPhone at 806-433-4424.