Danny Benites

Danny Benites has spent the last 30+ years working in the automotive industry, holding many positions such as General Manager, Dealer Partner, and everything in between. Danny is a nationally recognized speaker, delivery keynote speeches at the nation’s most recognized events.

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Post-Sale Task Overload Syndrome

Meet Johnny. He's our new salesperson. Johnny used to work at the phone store but now has decided to join the exciting world of retail automotive. He must have thought to himself, “Hey, I can sell cars. Everybody needs cars!” So after learning the preliminary steps to the sale, his sales manager pulls him aside and says, “By the way, once the customer agrees to buy the car, you’ll need to do these 15 things while keeping your new found friends entertained for at least an hour!”
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Ceramic Sealant: Good enough for the iPhone 12? Good enough for me.

Apple's new iPhone 12 models are protected by the much-anticipated Ceramic Shield. This is great news for all of us to improve the durability and protect our new $1200 investment. According to Apple, Ceramic Shield offers four times better drop protection! What made it so desirable? Not gold (or rose gold), but a fresh take on an old material: ceramic.