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The Three 100s

Admit it—you have at least one favorite salesperson that you try to give all your friends and referrals to. Why? Because they follow, to the letter, the processes that you have built over the years through rigorous effort and continuous improvement. Imagine for a moment that your sales customer’s experience is precisely what you have designed for 100% of your customers, 100% of the time, by 100% of your team members.

Question: What would the impact to your market share, retention, and profitability be if these steps were competed on every deal?

  • 100% Pre-Finance Interviews
  • Set 1st service appointments with reminders
  • Let each customer view prime accessories specific to their purchase
  • Program each vehicle being delivered to the customer with their preferences
  • Allow every customer to view information on environmental paint and interior protection options
  • 100% of new car deliveries connected to your OE Connected Car App
  • Manage the time from agreement, to terms, to settlement office
  • Gather increased reviews and star rankings
  • Introduce each customer to your Collision Center
  • Insert here any of your specific or unique processes that you have designed for your customers

Answer: New record highs and millions of dollars

So, I think we can agree that this dream of consistent process adherence would have a huge impact on all fronts…but we have been trying for years to make this happen.

We all hear so many different excuses for its failure.

  • ”My team just isn’t consistent.”
  • “We get busy at times and the wheels come off.”
  • “Amy sells a ton of cars for us and she can follow her own processes.”
  • “Our Finance Manager is at $2200 PVR, and we can deal with the charge-backs.”
  • “Why should we make any changes coming off a record year?” (it’s hard to change while counting your money!)

Think of each post yes process as an automated car wash. You pull the deal into the platform, put the front tires in the rack, take your hands off the steering wheel , and the same steps happen in the order you select every time with every customer!


This process assurance platform is called ZipDeal. It assures that every customer will get the information they need to make important decisions about their purchase... every time.

Instead of waiting and waiting for the settlement process, where they will be exposed to additional enhancement products after often a frustrating wait time, the customer is in control of the check out. Your customers will choose more options when given the information and not the ‘pitch’.

Speed, transparency, and control is the demand of the market now. Process adherence is the demand of the Dealership Leadership Team now--- ZipDeal marries the 2 and both sides win big!